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We are providing a vast range of random phone numbers to make safe and secure your personal data. You can choose your city to generate phone number by using this phone number generator. This feature makes our real phone number generator significant and more accessible. As you know, this is fake phone number, so it is not in working like real phone number. Be attentive, just ignore if you receive calls or texts from this fakenumber number, because these fake telephone numbers are not operational. 

fakenumber is your generated phone number for China. Now you can use this China fake phone number on every website for the personal identification. The first two digit numbers express China country code +86 and next two numbers are the regional code. These are the random Chinese phone numbers generated by the random phone number generator. 

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These generated phone numbers by do not exist in the telephone records. But these Chinese phone numbers fulfill the entire code pattern of the real phone numbers. You can utilize this fake phone number fakenumber in watching TV, Dramas or any website on which you want to access. As every website want to secure itself so they need your telephone number for their record. For this purpose you can use these fake numbers. ensures you that this dummy phone number fakenumber for China will not be permanent for use and long lasting. At that time, you can further generate phone number to update previous number. If any website is not accepting this temporary phone number, you should generate another number from this real phone number generator. Use that random number and it will work. This happens when fake number does not meet the requirements but you don’t worry this rarely happens.