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It is not necessary to give your personal number at every website. You have to make sure that your number will not use as spam or any other usage. What should we do at that time? We also have no other number and the sign up is required. has resolved this issue and developed the phone number generator. Now you can generate a phone number and use it anywhere according to your needs.

fakenumber is Random UK phone number. Fake UK phone number starts from UK country code +44, the next three digits represents the regional code and the other digits represents the ID number allocated to some person as unique identity. This UK phone number generator provides unlimited fake phone numbers. As these generated phone numbers are fake so they do not work like real allocated numbers.

Real UK Phone Number Generator - Generate Fake UK Numbers

If you want to generate more than one fake UK number with UK country code +44. For this purpose, you should select city name and total numbers which are required. This random phone number generator UK is verified by the telephonic regulatory authorities and these are non-allocated fake phone numbers.

We are providing the random phone numbers UK service free to assist the users. As you are working on internet and almost all websites need phone number for account so you can use fake numbers.

Why to Use fake UK Phone Number Generator?

These phone numbers can be use to watch TV dramas, movies or any other entertainment shows. You don’t want to add your personal number. These fake UK phone numbers can be used for sign up purpose.

As our phone number generator is providing fake numbers for all countries, don’t think or operate these numbers for communication. These generated phone numbers contains code same as real numbers but they are not working. So please avoid any messages or calls from this number. For any further query or suggestion, you can contact us at